Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a charming barrier island off the Gulf Coast of Florida, set at the southern “gate” of Tampa Bay. Away from the bustle of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and other nearby mainland cities, this elongate island, separated from Longboat Key to the immediate south by a narrow waterway, provides a wonderfully relaxed vacation opportunity of sun, sand, flights of seabirds, and the chance to spot a peaceable West Indian manatee or an inshore sea turtle, not to mention explore the resident laidback culture. Anna Maria Island rentals can give you the prime home-base from which to explore the place’s charms. One of the premier recreational activities is fishing; Florida’s Gulf of Mexico waters are renowned for their angling opportunities, and those fronting Anna Maria Island are no different.

The fishing options are plentiful, both in terms of species targeted and methods employed. Beachfront and piers offer the chance for leisurely, dry-land casting, while a small boat in the shallow nearshore waters can cruise for snook and redfish. Taking to the offshore Gulf translates to a host of potential catches. Among the most desirable gamefish in these deeper waters are the tarpon, a massive, silver-scaled fish with impressive fighting spirit, as well as permit, flounder, barracuda, grouper, and various sharks. Plenty of companies in the area offer charter fishing around Anna Maria.

Use Anna Maria Island rentals to indulge fully in the unique culture and ecology of this distinctive barrier island: Spend the day fishing, then ponder the sunset back on shore.


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