Special “Bare Bones” Vacation Rental Opportunity

A very convenient small cottage vacation rental. In the city of Anna Maria. One block from historic Pine Avenue shopping. Five minute walk to the beach.

Bargain rate because it’s undergoing a major renovation. So you may not experience total privacy.  You may have to tolerate noise during the day. And the yard won’t be beautiful because the owners are doing a complete landscape upgrade and installing a pool in the back yard.

There will probably be other inconveniences which will vary from week to week as the renovation progresses. But if you’re primarily looking for an inexpensive place to crash, this may be your special find. Essentially, you are renting the bedrooms. There is running water and toilets work fine. But the kitchen and bathrooms are being upgraded so may not be “ready for prime time” when you’re there.

407 Spring Avenue. 2 bedroom. 1.5 bath. 727-409 7200.